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Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing: A Complete Online Resource

Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

A complete guide for home-owners.

When it comes to weighing the pros and cons of metal roofing against traditional asphalt roofing, the comparison isn’t a difficult one, home owners find.

Investment grade roofing is commonly known to provide far more advantages than traditional asphalt roofing-- namely, increased energy efficiency, protection from the elements and even tax credits – thusly, there's a surplus of information online and readily available for consumers seeking out this information.

Fewer comparisons, however, are available for pro and con weighing home-owners, between the various types of metal shingles available within the residential metal roofing market.

For home-owners considering Investment Grade Roofing, we’ve put together this comprehensive comparison guide covering pros and cons of metal roofing, stacked up against asphalt shingles, and cross compared across the various metal roofing types.

Metal Shingles vs. Asphalt: Comparison

Pros and Cons of Asphalt Shingles



Looks good upfront

Less upfront costs


Curls, splits, molds in as little as 1 year

Destroyed by elements – wind, hail, fire

Can require re-roofing every 12 to 20 years

Most expensive roof to own over time

Pros and Cons of Metal Shingles


Saves in long-term maintenance costs

Most roofs come with a 50-year warranty

Saves in home heating and cooling energy costs

Resistance to elements in any climate

Adds re-sale value

Costs recouped at more than ¾ of the job cost

Good for the environment (100% recyclable material)

Insurance discounts available

Energy tax credit incentives available


Cost more than substantially more initially, than a premium asphalt roof.

Q/A on Perceived Possible Disadvantage of Metal Roofing

A recent question posted by a home-owner in our Ask-The-Experts forum deals with the topic of expansion and contraction.

Dan writes:

Looking at the advantages of installing a metal roof, I have come across information referring to expansion and contraction problems; that over time, with heat and cold, the panels expand and contract lossening the fasteners and causing leaks. Is this a concern?

Answer: This question is probably best raised with individual metal roofing manufacturers. There are various methods by which various products deal with expansion and contraction. There are lots and lots of metal roofing products available today which have no problems with expansion and contraction. Some of the methods for accomplishing this include clip fasteners (rather than fixed fasteners) and accordion-style folds in the metal …

(Ask the contractor you’re working with, or Find A Contractor Near You

Comparing Advantages of Different Metal Roofing Types

Steel Roofing - Advantages

Galvanized Steel(steel with a coating of zinc/aluminum)
& Galvalume Steel (steel with a coating of aluminum/zinc)

Extraordinary outdoor corrosion resistance and longevity

Broader range of application than other roofing materials

Broader range of price levels and products than many other kinds of metal roofing

Due to their strength and weight. Steel roofs have passed the UL 90 wind tests

Aluminum Roofs - Advantages

Light weight - Consumers can re-roof their home and reduce the weight on their housing structure

Does not require structural reinforcement

Resistance to rust and corrosion over time

Aluminum roofing shingles are completely recyclable and often have a high recycled content

Does More for the Environment.

Perhaps the most important of advantages a metal roof provides, is its positive impact on the environment.

The decision to purchase and install metal roofing can have a greater positive impact on the environment than even a lifetime of household recycling.

Homeowners may not be aware that the recycled content in metal roofing is extremely high, which conserves both natural resources and the energy needed to convert those resources into usable materials.


If you have specific questions about the advantages of metal roofing, or require more specialized support, please refer to the MRA's Ask-the Experts forum.

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  1. I am considering a metal roof for my unheated pole barn to go over a leaky asphalt roof. Is this a good idea or should the old shingles come up first?

  2. You'll want to check with your installer; however, in many cases, a metal roof can be installed on top of an asphalt shingle roof. Of course, your contractor will also want to check for the integrity of the support system, and address any repairs needed to the underlying structure prior to installing the new roof. To find a contractor in your area, please visit

  3. I am going to renovate my home roofs but dont have much information about the basic inspection of roofing, i am really thankful to you for the guide line.

  4. commercial roofing differs from residential roofing both in materials used and the assembly needed for roof.

  5. Yes metal roofs will cost you more but will save you money in the long run. You just have to keep up on the proper maintenance and it will last a long time.

  6. The metallic luster of metal roofs gives an attractive look to the entire system. Metals
    impart shine and are considered as one of the attractive forms.

  7. which is better, corrugated steel with straight galvanized with zinc or the same steel galvanized with aluminum/zinc--- suppose the alu/zinc is 30% more expensive?

  8. If you install a metal roof before December 31, 2010, you may be eligible for a Federal tax credit. You can receive a tax credit for 30% of the cost (up to $1500) for Energy Star metal roofs with pigmented coatings. Ask your roofer if your choice of roofing contains pigmented coatings. Pigmented coatings increase the energy efficiency of these roofs.

  9. Investment grade roofing is commonly known to provide far more advantages than traditional asphalt roofing.

  10. Even with the extra cost involved with metal roofing, I like the added durability and aesthetically pleasing presentation of metal shingles. To me, you'll make back the cost in the long run and I do so love listening to the compliments from the neighbors.

  11. Metal roofs are an excellent choice in roofing. Leaves and debris are washed off during rain storms. Check out Kynar baked enamel finish. They are the superior choice.

  12. I'm just worried that doing this would be very expensive. I might not be staying in my home for very long.

  13. Someone I know lives in Orange County (Newport Beach)and is planning on getting a new roof. They are thinking of going with this roofing company: However, they don't do metal roofs, and I am wondering if you would recommend a metal roof more so than any other type of roof in the "beach environment". Is there any benefit to metal roofing over tile (for example) when it comes to the wear and tear of the ocean climates and weather conditions?

  14. Metal roofs perform very well in extreme weather conditions, and are very popular in beach environments. Check out the MRA site for a list of contractors who install metal in Newport Beach - I'm sure there are a few.

  15. I wonder how well metal roofs perform against hail? We are getting more hail storms in this part the country.

  16. Thanks for the online resources here,We can easily access information with regards to metal roofing and have guidance to follow if we are using the best products with a good quality.

  17. What about metal roofs and components such as skylights or solar tubes? I'm planning a big remodel and will make use of solar tubes and skylights for some lighting design elements of the interior. Thanks

  18. Its good to know the advantages and Disadvantages of these roofing.I think Metal roofing is a good deal provide safety and durability for our house.Gulf Coast Supply is a leader in manufacturing metal roofing and components, serving all of Florida and Southern Georgia.

  19. Metal Roofs might cost more but they will last for a long time with the proper maintenance, and it sounds cool when the rain hits it

  20. That's a really complete guide for home-owners. It's really great to know the pros and cons of metal roofing.

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  22. My sister is about to redo the roofing on her new home, so it's nice to know what her options are. We hadn't even thought about considering metal roofing before.

  23. I totally agree with the comparisons above. Asphalt roofs are very affordable, but the cost of maintenance accumulated over time rises exponentially. Metal roofs, on the other hand, are very efficient and durable. If you want to find a balance between longevity and upfront costs, metal roofs are the best option for you.

    Jessica Rodriguez