Architect Designs 26 New Homes, All With Metal Roofs

Gardenista has a new feature on  architect Drew Lang’s project to build 26 homes in the Hudson Valley that embrace the area’s natural wooded landscape.

Designed to blend seamlessly with the surroundings, all of the homes in the Hudson Woods community will include a standing seam metal roof.  The theme of the project is “Where Design Meets Nature.”

Hudson Woods Homes with Metal Roofs

Hudson Woods development with metal roofs

Read more about the project in the full article, “Architect Visit: Into the Woods with Drew Lang in the Hudson Valley” by Julie Carlson on Gardenista .


5 thoughts on “Architect Designs 26 New Homes, All With Metal Roofs

  1. I think it is great that we are using more metal for roofing rather than other materials that are more harmful to the environment. These homes look beautiful with the metal roof. Also, I am sure it makes it easier to replace when damage does happen.

  2. It is interesting for me to learn a little bit about metal roofing designs that are becoming pretty popular. I think that it is important to learn a little bit about designs that are coming out with roofing materials because we are thinking about redoing the roof in our home. I want to learn a little bit more about how to do the redo on our home.

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