Monday, June 27, 2011

Turning a Chore into a Joy

Like many homeowners, Barb and Tom Bruns were dreading having to replace their roof.  Let's be honest - nobody dreams about the day when they can re-roof.  The humble roof just doesn't get that kind of love and devotion.

However, by working with MRA Member Metal Roofing Systems (, the Bruns found the process quick and painless, and are raving about the results.

"We love our new metal roof. We chose Classic Metal Roofing Systems' Country Manor Shake style. It turned out more beautiful than we had ever imagined!" explains Mrs. Bruns.  "I must say it's one of the best home improvements we have made to our 21 year old home. The house now has a real 'wow' factor that's even visible from down the street! It's an amazing facelift to our home. It's got the neighbors and passersby stopping to admire."

For more information, or to find a contractor in your area, visit the Metal Roofing Alliance at


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